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“How hiring a relocation agent can save your sanity”: interview of Simply London’s founder

We love the title of this interview by Chelsea, a.k.a. The Portable Wife, with Sylvie Froger, Simply London’s Founder and Director.

Chelsea runs a very successful blog, whose title “The Portable Wife” says it all! Chelsea’s dream came true in 2018 when her husband and her moved to London. Now, she shares authentic advice on how to maximize vacation days, grow a travel budget, move abroad.. and more!

And at Simply London, we do very often work with expatriates’ spouses who oversee the family move’s every detail, but also the major decisions such as choosing the right neighbourhood, the right school ,etc.

So it was no surprise to find so many common things to discuss between Chelsea and Sylvie, whose relocation experience enabled her to relate to what Chelsea had encountered as a private person moving to London!

Meet the team

Chelsea was really pragmatic and realistic in her choice of questions to Sylvie – and rightly so, because relocating to London, whether as a couple, a single professional, or a family, is full of practical details to be planned and organised!

You can read the full interview under this link.

Thank you Chelsea and we love to hear that you are now a London fan, like ourselves at Simply London!

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