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Highbury in North London: a town of elegance

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The Highbury area, located in North London, is especially known for its connection to Islington; the trendy area for families and professionals who want to live very close to central London.

This micro-area is particularly residential, with no obvious centre to the town. Despite this, it is an extremely sought-after area – you can find many shops, restaurants and trendy cafés on South Upper Street, as well as the bustling and popular Essex Road, offering a more practical option of local shops. On top of that, some cafés and shops are scattered around Highbury Grove, which adds to the village feel.

Bordering the famous Highbury Fields (which include a park, tennis courts and a pool), there are beautiful Edwardian houses which are very well preserved, and in the surrounding streets, there are lovely, Victorian houses. Finally, stunning Edwardian houses run along Highbury New Park.

NB: there are council estates that are in very good condition in some streets in the area, which adds to the social diversity often found in London.

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The notable lack of estate agents very clearly shows that the residents here don’t frequently move. This means that it is hard to find properties both to rent and to buy.

Costing between £575 and £600 per week for a 2 bedroom apartment to rent, and between £825,000 and £1,200,000 for a 3 bedroom property to buy.

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