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How to register for gas and electricity

A bit of good news to start this article – in the UK, there is no danger of the gas or electricity being cut off, even if you take time to sign up!
The utility companies never cut off supply (except in extreme circumstances), and the system is designed so that new tenants have time to choose a new supplier and/or switch the new gas or electricity contract in their name.

However, that does not mean you should delay. You should sign up for your own utility account as soon as is practical. This is because utility bills are invariably required as proof of address, and so it is very handy to have them in your name.

1. Find out who your gas supplier or electricity supplier is

You will need to know this, whether you want to switch the contract to your name or switch to another supplier.

Follow the below links to find out the current supplier for the property:

You can also ask your landlord or estate agent. But they don’t always know – as the previous tenant might switched suppliers without informing them.

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2 – Register online

The ideal situation is to set up your account once you have your meter readings on the first day of your tenancy. They are usually included in your check-in report.

Don’t worry, utility companies never cut off supply*.

*The only exception can be for “pay as you go” meters, which would in any case be indicated in your inventory and
check-in report. You can also check this yourself by looking to see whether there is a card in the meter and
whether the meter indicates an amount in pounds sterling.

Most, if not all, utilities suppliers offer online registrations. But you can also call them if you prefer.

Just head over to their website.

To register your account, you will usually require the following information

  • Your first and last name
  • Your marital status
  • Your date of birth
  • Your address in London, including your full postcode
  • Your UK bank account details in order to set up a monthly direct debit, if this is your preferred method of payment (this is not obligatory).
  • Your move-in date
  • Your start meter readings (optional)
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