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Do rental leases always start on the first of the month?

This is a frequently asked question from our clients. Often in Europe, where the lease must start on the first of the month, it can be quite constraining if it doesn’t correspond with your moving dates.

In London, and in the UK in general, leases can start on any day of the month.

Generally, they start during the work week, but we have known leases to start on a Saturday, or even a bank holiday (although this can cause more practical problems, because the estate agents are closed on these days).

Rent is due for the starting date of the lease, and from there it is due every month on this same day (unless agreed otherwise in the rental agreement) – this means that there is no need to make a partial payment on the first of the month, for example, as well as paying rent on a different day.

Therefore, you can set up a standing order for the same day each month.

If you want to know the different between weekly and monthly rent, check out this article.

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