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Confessions of a Relocation Agent in London

No two days are the same in the life of a relocation agent. When you’re not showing a client around a property, you’re on a school visit or back in the office arranging everything from bank accounts to doctor registrations. With so much to organise across the capital on behalf of our clients, we regularly find ourselves in some rather interesting situations, to say the least. As model professionals, we maintain high standards but sometimes it’s hard not to have a chuckle… Here are five of our all-time favourites.

“Let it Go”

It’s safe to say the target audience for Disney’s blockbuster film Frozen doesn’t stretch to forty-somethings. So, imagine our surprise upon entering a gym on one particular property viewing, where we were greeted by a gentleman working out to the film’s soundtrack at full volume. He wasn’t shy either, as he belted out Elsa, Anna, Olaf, Kristoff and Hans lyrics at the top of his lungs.

Furry friends

Moulting dogs and cats with a penchant for scratching furniture: it’s not uncommon for landlords to refuse tenants with pets. So, we were rather taken aback when one landlord informed us that furry friends were fine, but under no circumstances would they accept tenants with children. They obviously weren’t as big a fan of Frozen as the chap in the gym.

The matchbox room

At what point does a broom cupboard become a bedroom? Surely the latter should at least have a window and enough room to swing a cat. Not according to one estate agent, who took the concept of a box room to the extreme – 3×2 metres to be precise. Okay, you could fit a single bed in there (just!) but nothing else other than a couple of shelves.

A nice long shower

Most of us make ourselves scarce when people are viewing the property we live in. On one occasion, however, the current tenant decided the best way to give us space would be to take a shower for the entire duration of the viewing. After half an hour they still hadn’t emerged, so we had to give up on seeing the whole apartment.

Will you be my BFF?

The innocence of childhood can create some special moments that make your heart melt. A particular favourite occurred at the end of a day of property viewings with a family, accompanied by our Founder, Sylvie Froger. Their very cute three-year-old daughter turned to her parents and asked: “will the lady stay with us forever when we move to London?”

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