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Are there cheap private schools in London?

London’s education landscape is home to some of the most prestigious private schools in the world – but the fees can be eye-popping. Thankfully, it’s also home to some of the best value private schools around, which blend educational excellence with relatively affordable fees.

Are there cheap private schools in London?

London’s private schools have it all: small class sizes, first-class facilities, and table-topping exam results – but it all comes at a cost. According to the Independent Schools Council, a private education is almost 50% more expensive than a decade ago, with fees particularly high in London and the southeast – but don’t let that put you off. If Eaton (£48,501 per year) and Harrow (£46,710 per year) are beyond your budget, you’ll want to send your child somewhere that offers value for money.

Private Schools in London: Best Value for Money

In the world of private education, value for money equates to the combination of two key factors: excellent GCSE results and affordable fees. Here are a handful of private schools in London that fit the bill:

City of London School

School fees per year: £21,057

GCSEs: 97% of all results were graded 9 – 7 (A*s – As, under the old grading system)

If there was a league table for London schools with the most iconic location, this would be near the top. Sat on the banks of the Thames, opposite the Tate Modern, it’s proudly situated in the shadow of St Paul’s Cathedral. Over 900 boys aged between 10-18 are accommodated in this modern, forward-looking institution, with its proud tradition of academic excellence and educational innovation that dates to the fifteenth century.

School website:

James Allen’s Girls’ School – Dulwich

School fees per year: £17,985

GCSEs: 91% of all results were graded 9 – 7

James Allen’s Girls’ School – commonly referred to as JAGS – is the oldest girls’ independent school in London. For over 270 years, this bastion of academic excellence has been inspiring its pupils to achieve their potential. Today, the school draws its strength from the dynamic variety of cultural, social, and economic backgrounds of its students – over 130 girls attend this forward-thinking school thanks to the bursary programme, with an average of 87% of the fee covered.

School website:

City of London School for Girls

School fees per year: £21,894

GCSEs: 99% of all results were graded 9 – 7

This independent day school for pupils aged 7-18 is nestled between the brutalist Barbican Centre and enchanting Roman walls in the heart of London. Its unique location helps it to attract pupils from across Greater London and beyond, where they gain access to every learning opportunity London has to offer. This refreshingly modern place to learn is unshackled by tradition, without losing sight of its impressive history – it first opened its doors in 1894.

School website:

North London Collegiate School – Edgware

School fees per year: Junior School – £ 17,868, Senior School – £21,147

GCSEs: 95% of all results were graded 9

This northwest London girls school takes great pride in producing scholars and critical thinkers; a spirit that’s nurtured through exposing students to opportunities that push them intellectually, physically, and emotionally. By delivering an education that is tailored to the individual, the school strikes the perfect balance between challenging each student and ensuring they find subjects stimulating and fun.

King’s College School – Wimbledon

School fees per year: £20,370 – £24,255 – depending on pupil age

GCSEs: 97.7% of results were graded 9 – 7

This independent day school for boys aged 7-18 and girls aged 16-18 is tucked away in a leafy corner of southwest London – made famous by its iconic tennis tournament. Founded in 1829 by royal charter, it accommodates over 1,400 pupils who benefit from a combination of academic excellence and dedicated pastoral care. In 2019, 42 students from the school’s Sixth Form achieved places at the Oxbridge (Oxford and Cambridge) universities.

School website:

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