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Can you change your NHS General Practitioner in London?

Whilst registering with a General Practitioner, also called GP, in the NHS system when moving to London is fairly easy, we often get asked by our clients whether they can later on change their GP, were they to move area or simply not be satisfied with the services provided.

The answer and the process are fairly straightforward: as long as the new GP surgery accepts new patients (so check out if you are within the boundaries of the chosen surgery), then patients are allowed to register with a new surgery, without giving any reason or justification.

The process will be the same as when registering for the first time with a GP in the UK, however on the registration form, you will be able to indicate the address of the current GP.

It will then be down to the new surgery to ask for the medical records, and get the transfer completed (it can sometimes take a while).


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