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Can you apply for a state school with an AirBnB address?

Can you apply for a state school with an Airbnb address?

State school applications in the UK are challenging for parents moving from a foreign country. The reason is that applications can only be made once the family has a UK address.

Many parents are tempted, for logistical, financial, and sometimes personal reasons, to start their life in the UK by renting a temporary accommodation, such as Airbnb, before settling into more permanent accommodation.

The question is then whether they can apply for state schools with their temporary address.

State school applications are based on a fundamental principle governed by UK law: children in school age and residing in the UK are entitled to free education. Great news, you might think? Absolutely! But this is also where it gets tricky for parents moving from abroad to the UK.

1. What state school applications must contain

State school applications require for families to prove two things:

  1. the identity and age of the children (and of the parents, by the way)
  2. the residence of the children (and their parents or legal guardians)

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