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Buying a car in the UK doesn’t have to be daunting, does it?

As a London expat (newly arrived or already settled in), any transaction involving a negotiation can seem quite daunting.

Buying a car isn’t different: a lot is asked from the buyer, from knowing the market prices, understanding who you are talking to (individual or car retailer), and finally to assess which elements can be used to balance the negotiation in favour of the buyer. All of this in a foreign language.

At Simply London, we are used to negotiating tenancy agreements on behalf of our clients, but for cars this is a different story. However, we have found people who can do exactly that for our clients.

MyCarCoach can take the hassle out of all of this, by sourcing the car according to the client’s wishes, negotiating on the client’s behalf, and even delivering the car to the client’s address if needed. So definitely a turnkey service to consider if the simple idea of talking to a car retailer makes you shiver.

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