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Are “Basement flats” an option when renting in London?

When discussing our clients’ requirements in regards to their housing search, we are often told that any basement flat should be excluded from the property selection.

Basement flats are not always that bad. You will find below the pros and the cons of renting such apartments in London.

But first, what is a Basement Flat ?

A Basement Flat is located in the lower ground floor of a building, usually in the Victorian style.

This means that they can be quite dark inside, as the windows will be located underneath the street level.

For many clients, a lack of natural light is a compromise they are not willing to make.

So what could be the benefits of a Basement Flat ?

Price : generally, basement flats will be priced at a lower level than their higher equivalents in the same building. This can enable some clients to live in an area which they could not otherwise afford with their budget. If our clients are professionals, and therefore are absent all day from their home, this can be a good option.

Size : likewise, the size/price ratio will be much more attractive for a basement flat. Since London properties are generally small, this can be a good option for larger size apartments when budgets are limited.

Garden access : depending on the building’s architecture, the basement flat can sometimes have exclusive access to the garden at the back of the building. Accessing an outside space is a luxury in London – coupled with the presence of French windows that will increase the natural light, this is definitely an option for families too.

The conclusion

Basement flats can be an option to consider if:

  • your rental budget is limited for the area you are targeting, or
  • if you want to enjoy a garden without the price tag attached to renting a house in London.

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