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Applying for state schools in London: the things to know

We always get many questions from parents about the timing and formalities to enrol their children in the London public/state primary schools system.

How to apply for a state school in London

To help you organize your school registrations calendar, you will find below a reminder of the fundamentals of the state schools applications in London:

1. Address

  • You will need to have an address in the borough of the school(s) you are planning to apply for.

2. Apply with the Borough

  • Application is to be made with the Borough of your area of ​​residence and not directly with the school(s)(some exceptions can apply, such as for some religious schools).
  • You can apply for several schools at the same time.

3. In-Year applications

  • Apart from registrations for the Reception class (4-5 years), applications are not conditioned by any deadlines.
  • You must complete an “In Year Application” form with the Borough.
  • For a September start, it is ideal to apply early July / end of June.

4. Reception class deadline

  • For the Reception classes, the deadline is midnight on January 15th preceding the September school year you are applying for.
  • After this date, applications are still possible, but the borough will allocate places according to the remaining availabilities (generally in the less oversubscribed schools).
  • The applications will not be processed until after April 16th, when offers have been made to the families which have applied on time.

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To increase chances of getting a reception place in a preferred school, it is therefore ideal if you can have your UK address before January 15th.

Good luck!


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