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A very special French Lycée in London

If you thought that French schools are only about studying Descartes and Molière, think twice…Since its opening in 2015, the Lycée International de Londres Winston Churchill has gone from strength to strength: an outstanding rating by Ofsted for its sixth form section, and now a full-on IB diploma programme – all of this whilst keeping the roots of its bilingual education (French/English), combined with modern teaching methods and tools.

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Parents whose work takes them around the world – especially those who are multilingual or multi-cultural – face a dilemma finding schools that meet the special demands of their children while ensuring a continuum of studies. Unlike local schools taught in a single language that can tie students to a national curriculum and restrict their future options in other countries, Lycée International de Londres Winston Churchill offers programmes that open global educational avenues, such as the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP).

Lycée International de Londres Winston Churchill (which many people also call the Lycée Français de Wembley, even if it is bilingual throughout) is a co-ed independent bilingual school located on a beautiful 5-acre campus in north London and housed in a magnificent Art Deco building. Inaugurated in 2015, the school serves 900 students from ages 3 to 18 and aims to develop every child into a forward-thinking, principled and joyful citizen of the world, prepared to take on the challenges of tomorrow. The school was rated “Outstanding” by Ofsted for Sixth Form and for Personal Growth and Welfare and opened its IBDP in 2019.

What sets the school apart isn’t just its remarkable diversity, with students from 45 countries and teachers and staff of 29 different nationalities. It’s also a modern ethos that blends traditional disciplines with initiative, exploration, critical thinking, teamwork and individual development. Rather than memorising facts, students learn to be curious and open, ask questions, and express their ideas with confidence.

The highly-qualified faculty are empowered by the school’s enlightened use of technology, including tools that facilitate different styles of learning and enable both collaboration and self-guided study. The staff play a crucial role, too, in fostering a supportive and energetic culture, which promotes resilience, responsibility, empathy and dialogue. The environment encourages ambition, not harsh competitiveness.

University acceptance rates demonstrate the success of the school’s progressive pedagogy and values. Graduates receive offers from the most prestigious and desirable universities in the world, including schools in the UK’s Russell Group (Cambridge, Imperial, LSE, Central St Martin, etc.), Canada, the US Ivy League, and French Classes Préparatoires aux Grandes Ecoles. A remarkable 100% of students in the French bilingual programme passed the competitive baccalauréat examinations in 2019.

In preparation for the IB diploma programme, which is available for students in years 12 and 13, the Lycée has created the English International Programme that starts in year 7. For the little ones, the Primary section offers an exciting bilingual curriculum starting at age 3.

There are a dozen highly reputable IBDP programmes in London, but the families coming to the Lycée International de Londres Winston Churchill have made a conscious choice – not just for the benefits of the International Baccalaureate but specifically for the unique environment and opportunities of the school.

For questions or to book a visit, email info@lyceeinternational.london or visit the school’s website at www.lyceeinternational.london


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