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3 good reasons to take the bus in London

As a public transport, buses in London are often subject to prejudices.

Nonetheless, aren’t they as famous as Big Ben or London Eye?

Here are, according to our own opinion and experience, 3 good reasons to take the bus in London:

  1. Buses are clean: it’s even one of the cleanest transport modes. No rubbish or graffiti, and seats are in good condition as well. Some “Routemaster” buses are even brand new!
  2. Buses are safe: except in some specific areas of London, buses are as safe as the other means of transport, even at night, where a regular service operates on a large number of routes. One thing to experience: take the night bus on a Saturday night, when pubs are closing… Guaranteed fun!
  3. Buses offer the best views of all transport modes ever: nothing beats day or night views from a bus.

Our advice: Take a seat on the first floor, on the front of the bus and let yourself be driven… you will even feel like you are the bus driver!

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