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Find the answers to your questions, and more!

FAQ – the Home Search Service

Do you have access to off-market properties?

We sometimes do, but the majority of rental properties in London are advertised online and publicly.

We can sometimes access rental properties shortly before they are advertised, if we have already started a search for a client, and the estate agent knows what we are looking for on behalf of our client.

What is your added value compared to searching on Rightmove and Zoopla?

What does help a lot is the relationships we have built with the largest estate agents in London.

In a very competitive market, with several tenants interested in the same property, this can give our clients a major advantage to secure the home of their choice.

What happens if we don't find anything that we like?

It does happen – after a whole series of viewings, nothing suitable has appeared, or, even worse, the offer on the property of your choice has been rejected ?

Since our home search fees are fixed, we cannot offer an unlimited search.

However we are usually happy to set up a few additional viewings for you, within the original search criteria.

Will I be working with the same person within the Simply London team?

Absolutely! One of our fantastic team members will become your dedicated Simply London Expert. She will be your only point of contact throughout, and will be working with you from start to moving in.

FAQ – the School Search Service

Does your service guarantee us a place in our favourite school?

No, it doesn’t (we wish we could!).

Our service is about guiding you to find the best school options for your children, and going through the application process with the best chances of success.

Do you have relationships that would help us get places in oversubscribed schools?

For state schools, the system doesn’t work like that, as it is based on a rigorous ranking of the applications received.

For private schools, it depends. If there is no place available at all in your targeted school year, then we will not be able to make a miracle. For certain schools, our relationship might help, but we would be lying if we said we can help for each of the 500  private schools there are in London.

Our added value lies in finding several good options for your children, so you don’t end up in an unsuitable school.

Do I need to choose between state and private school before engaging your services?

Absolutely not!

In fact, quite often, the first part of the work we do with our clients is to evaluate both systems for your children, and guide you to make the best decision – be it to apply for state and private schools, state schools only, or private schools only.

Will I be working with the same person within the Simply London team?

Absolutely! One of our fantastic team members will become your dedicated Simply London Expert. She will be your only point of contact throughout, and will be working with you until your children have started school.

FAQ – Engaging your Services

I am interested in your services, what is the next step?

If you haven’t spoken with us already, we recommend that you do so by scheduling a free call with us here. This way, we can discuss how we can best help you, and make sure that you receive a proposal suited to your needs.

If you are in a rush, then you can request a price quotation here, which we will send by email to you within 24 hours maximum.

Do I have to buy all the services that are listed?

You don’t ? you can choose one service to start with, and then add more as you go along.

I need help with something that is not listed, can you help?

Absolutely, please discuss it with the Simply London team at any time. You can send us a message here or book a free call with us here. We will be more than happy to help ?.

FAQ – Prices and Payment

What are your payment terms?

We require a 50% upfront payment for the service(s) you choose initially. The remaining 50% are due on full completion. If you add services along the way, we will add 100% of their amount to your final invoice.

Can I pay for your services by card?

Absolutey, we accept card payments (pretty much any card), but also bank transfers, and Paypal.

Why do I have to request a quote from you before booking your services?

Our quotes contain a comprehensive description of each service, so you know exactly what to expect when you engage our services. They also contain our full terms and conditions, which we do want our customers to be aware of before engaging our services.

FAQ – Relocation services in general

What are relocation services?

Relocation services are there to assist people with their move to a new location.
They are not to be confused with “Moving services” which are about transporting people’s belongings.
Relocation services assist people with the soft aspects of a move: finding a home, finding a school, getting utilities and Internet set up, etc., although they sometimes can integrate organising the physical move as well.

What does a relocation company do?

A relocation company is there to assist people with their move to a new location.
They provide relocation services, which can range from home finding & school finding, to tax advice, settling-in services, family support, language courses, cultural coaching, and even more.
So quite a lot!

How do relocation services work?

The starting point of relocation services is usually a discussion on the level of support that is required, which services will be provided, then a detailed briefing about the person/family’s situation and requirements.
Relocation services can run over a few weeks or sometimes even a few months, and cover a lot of personal aspects of someone’s life.
It is therefore very important to find a service provider and a person within the team that you connect with.

How much do relocation services cost?

Whilst we can only speak for our services, relocation services (excluding the transport of personal belongings & furniture, which vary enormously) can cost between £2’000 for a home search and £6’000 for a more comprehensive package (this excludes local VAT).
It really depends how many services are provided, and which services are chosen – some can be extremely time-consuming for the service provider, which will be reflected in the cost.