Consultations prices

Why use a Simply London Consultation?

A Consultation with Simply London could be great if:
– You are generally unsure about moving to London or not,
– You are preparing your move to London and would like to get some advice/validation before your move,
–You are unsure about using our full relocation services.
– You do not have the budget for our bespoke services, but still want to benefit from our expertise.

What is included in a Phone Consultation?

  1. Definition of your requirements and questions by email
  2. 60-minute phone interview with our London Expert
  3. One recap email with a summary of the discussion and the next steps we suggest for you.

How does it work?

  1. The consultation will cost £300 for a 60-minute call
  2. You can browse our range of consultations here
  3. Once we have your payment, you will receive an email prompting to list your questions and availabilities for the consultation
  4. Our London Expert will call you at the time you have chosen, after reviewing your questions. Simple!

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Areas and housing consultation



  • Best areas
  • Rental budget & process
  • References preparation

School consultation



  • How & when to apply
  • Best areas for schools
  • Private vs. state schools

General relocation consultation



  • General cost of living
  • Areas and/or schools overview
  • Timing to consider in your planning

Why use a Simply London consultation?

One call

A one-hour phone call with a relocation Expert

Expert advice

We will answer your questions during the call

Peace of mind

Get your relocation started with the right advice

To find out more about each consultation, or to book one of them, use the link on the right-hand side.