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Celebrating 10 years of Simply London!

“When I moved to London all those years ago, I didn’t know that my experience would lead me to set up my own relocation business.  I did know that the challenges I had faced could have been avoided with a little help from someone who knew the ins and outs of London…and that’s how the idea for Simply London was born!

Having expanded from just me, to a fantastic team of 7 relocation experts, we are so proud of how the company has grown to become the leading relocation company in London!

Helping people to settle in this wonderful City is what we do best, day in, day out :-)”

Sylvie Froger
Founder and Director

This video explains the challenges Sylvie encountered when she first came to London....if only she'd had a company like Simply London to help!

We are so proud of the milestones we have achieved in the past decade, here are a few of our proudest moments…


for all of your ongoing support, we simply wouldn’t be celebrating this milestone without you.