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How Simply London helped two corporate employees relocate to London at very short notice


Planning and executing a successful relocation for your assignees is a time-consuming process. So, imagine having to arrange almost everything on your to-do list in just three weeks. That was exactly the challenge faced by an international law firm and two of their assignees.

“We recently relocated two lawyers from our New York office to London, both of whom had not been to London before and had three weeks to research areas, view properties, carry out background checks, sign appropriate paperwork and move in.”

How we helped

To overcome this logistical headache, they sought the specialist services of Simply London.

“Sylvie and her team at Simply London assisted us with their relocation efficiently, professionally and within our very tight timeframe.”

Thanks to Simply London’s knowledge of the relocation process, together with their personal service, both assignees were able to complete a seamless transition to life in the UK capital.

“We could not have done it without their help, and I would highly recommend their services to anyone seeking speedy relocation services for employees transferring to London at short notice.”