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How Simply London helped an executive relocate with his family to London


A happy assignee is a productive assignee. That’s why it’s in a business’s best interest to facilitate a smooth relocation for an employee and their family. To achieve this, many employers seek expert assistance from an industry specialist – something Janet (Group HR Manager at Global Automotive Group) did on behalf of her colleague.

“We connected with Simply London to support the relocation of a senior colleague to the UK.”

How we helped

Working in partnership with Simply London, the assignee and their family was able to plan and arrange every aspect of their move in line with their exact requirements.

“Simply London was instrumental in the successful and seamless transition in the family relocation providing guidance and support on location, housing, schooling and initial set up of utilities.”

With the relocation successfully executed and the assignee able to focus on settling in at work, Global Automotive Group were quick to praise Simply London’s specialist service.

“We have been delighted to find such a trusted and competent partner and highly recommend the services of Simply London.”