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How Simply London found Steve and Mary the perfect home in a top London area


A successful relocation requires some thorough research. Not least when it comes to choosing a suitable neighbourhood and an ideal home. Aware of this, Steve and Mary turned to Simply London to help them make informed-decisions and support them throughout the home search process.

How we helped

Finding the perfect neighbourhood is the first stage of the home search process. Once you have decided where in London you want to live, you can begin the search for your ideal home. Steve and Mary used Simply London’s specialist relocation services to help them select an area that ticked all the boxes – from rental prices to the commute and access to amenities.

With the neighbourhood decided, Isabelle – a Simply London property expert – compiled a list of properties in their chosen area that matched their requirements. Having helped them to select the most suitable options from our comprehensive list, she arranged and attended the viewings, before managing the rental agreement on their behalf.

“We are very excited about the apartment and our neighbourhood. Isabelle was fantastic and we are very grateful for her help.”

Isabelle’s dedication was a source of much-needed support for Steve and Mary during their relocation.

“Her flexibility and responsiveness made it feel like she was 100% with us throughout the process, and that took a lot of the stress out of a stressful situation.”