An urban feel in the suburb



Bromley is the largest borough in Greater London. Situated in the South East, it offers good connections to London Victoria and the south coast of England. With a multitude of green spaces, high street shops, a large shopping centre and restaurants, Bromley is a self-contained town where families thrive.

Key features

  • Family-oriented
  • Good transport links
  • Shopping centre
  • Local shops and restaurants

Average monthly rent

Additional information

Once home to the iconic H.G. Wells and the music legend David Bowie, it is no wonder Bromley is one of the happiest borough in London. Not only does it offers an array of good and outstanding state schools, one of the most desirable independent schools in the UK, Eltham College, is on the borough’s grounds.

The suburban vibes, the friendly community spirit and the access to many green spaces make it especially popular with families. The town centre has its own cinema, a leisure complex, a shopping mall and plenty of restaurants and bars.

The historic Charter Market which is on the high street three days a week has many stalls offering lovely food, jewellery, flowers and more.

The Churchill Theatre is also very popular, featuring dramas, musicals, family shows and pantomime.

Bromley is a quiet and pleasant neighbourhood to live in, with good transport connections to the rest of the city via the National Rail and Tramlink, and is a more affordable option than most other London boroughs.