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Top five areas for families to live in London

Richmond upon thames4

From the pastoral idyll that is Richmond to the vibrant inner-city buzz of Highbury, London has somewhere that appeals to every family’s lifestyle requirements. Our rundown of the top five areas for families to live in London shows you where to find them.

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Your checklist for moving from Australia to London

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Whether you’re moving from Sydney to London, or relocating from Melbourne to London, before you can swap barbeques on the beach for roast dinners in the local, you’ll have a long list of things to arrange. Our moving to London from Australia checklist will help you plot your path to a successful life in the UK capital.

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The top state schools in London


Choosing an area to live, finding your ideal home, deciding which local pub whets your whistle: these are all big decisions when relocating to London. If you have kids, however, there’s one decision that’s even more important: which school you’re going to send them to. Yes, you love your job and can’t wait to call London home; but if your child isn’t happy, the relocation won’t be a success – and choosing the right school is central to this.

Our school days are supposed to be the happiest of our lives, so give your child the best chance of experiencing this for themselves by taking the time to learn about the top state schools in London.

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Your checklist for moving to London from the US

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Are you ready to swap burger and fries for fish and chips, American football for rugby and yellow cabs for black taxis? Before you can call London home, however, you need to organise everything from visas to removals. Our checklist for an American moving to London will help you realise your dream. 

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Scholarships and bursaries: learn how your child could attend a private school in London for less


If you thought sending your child to a private school in London is a financial leap too far, think again. More than £1bn per year of financial assistance is available in the form of scholarships and bursaries, enabling one in three pupils to have their school fees reduced or even waived

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A very special French Lycée in London

French lycee London

If you thought that French schools are only about studying Descartes and Molière, think twice...Since its opening in 2015, the Lycée International de Londres Winston Churchill has gone from strength to strength: an outstanding rating by Ofsted for its sixth form section, and now a full-on IB diploma programme - all of this whilst keeping the roots of its bilingual education (French/English), combined with modern teaching methods and tools.

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How to find a London school online

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With some British schools reopening following the lockdown, one could think that choosing and finding a school in London is suddenly much easier. Unfortunately, ongoing social distancing restrictions will prevent physical visits from happening for a while yet, meaning the ability to make informed decisions will depend on online resources. 

Thankfully, there’s plenty out there...

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The best commuter towns near London

The best areas to live near London

People are leaving London in their droves – more than a third of a million residents moved out of the city last year. 

So, where are all these people going to find a slower, more sustainable lifestyle, space to roam (and for kids to play), fresh air to breathe – and cheaper property prices of course? Let us take you on a journey around five of the best areas outside of London.

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The London rental market post Covid-19: benefits and drawbacks for potential tenants

How to find a flat to rent in London

Prior to the rapid spread of Covid-19, it seemed almost unthinkable that anything could check the rental market’s stride. Then along came the unprecedented global health crisis and the lockdown restrictions required to control it, which brought the nation to a virtual standstill.

So, how has the fallout from the pandemic weighed on the London rental market in recent weeks? And are there any opportunities that have emerged for people looking to rent in London?

Here is a run down of what we think are the benefits and drawbacks for people looking to move to London.

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Applying for Schools in London for September 2020: the deadlines

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If you are looking to relocate to London for the September school start this year, you might be wondering: is it too late to apply for a school place? is it too early? When shall I apply for my children?

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