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The London rental market post Covid-19: benefits and drawbacks for potential tenants

How to find a flat to rent in London

Prior to the rapid spread of Covid-19, it seemed almost unthinkable that anything could check the rental market’s stride. Then along came the unprecedented global health crisis and the lockdown restrictions required to control it, which brought the nation to a virtual standstill.

So, how has the fallout from the pandemic weighed on the London rental market in recent weeks? And are there any opportunities that have emerged for people looking to rent in London?

Here is a run down of what we think are the benefits and drawbacks for people looking to move to London.

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Applying for Schools in London for September 2020: the deadlines

landing page schools london

If you are looking to relocate to London for the September school start this year, you might be wondering: is it too late to apply for a school place? is it too early? When shall I apply for my children?

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How Covid-19 has impacted the London rental market

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Anyone planning to relocate to London will be wondering if the draconian measures required to control the spread of Covid-19 have impacted two crucial market factors: the supply of properties and rental prices in the capital. So, how has the rental sector of the London housing market been fairing? 

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Finding a home in London: what could ‘the new normal’ be post-lockdown for the home search process?

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All the talk during lockdown has been about what our ‘new normal’ will be once restrictions are eased...

When it comes to relocations, the process of finding and moving into a new property will look quite different because of ongoing social restrictions.

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The top family areas in London, Zone 3

The best family areas in London zone 3

Simply London presents its favourite top three family quarters, a little more remote than the heart of Central London, but well connected to central London, and with a “village” atmosphere.

With properties located in zone 1 & 2 often inaccessible due to the market price of rental properties, these areas are excellent options to combine affordability and access to Central London.

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The top boroughs for high-performing state schools in London

schools admission

It doesn’t matter how much you love your job or how excited you are about calling London home; if your children are relocating with you, they will be your priority. Choosing a school that matches your family’s requirements will, therefore, be one of the most important decisions you make during your move. So, where should you focus this search to ensure you live within the catchment area of high-performing schools? 

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British schools features, without the clichés!

services school search

As you would have guessed, educational systems vary from one country to another.

From abroad, the British schools can be perceived as being very traditional, with Harry Potter uniforms in mind and gothic school buildings nestled in the middle of a green country side but what about their real features?

To get rid of the clichés, we explain their typical characteristics.

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Simply London shortlisted in the "Excellence in Employee and Family Support" category for the 2020 Relocate Awards

Relocate 2020

We are thrilled to announce that Simply London, the leading London relocation agency, has been nominated in the “Excellence in Employee and Family Support” category for the Relocate Awards, the prestigious annual awards of the relocation & mobility industry.

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Renting in London between £2000 and £3000 per month: where should you focus your London home search?

Richmond upon thames

If money were no object, where in London would you want to live? Your budget will, probably though, dictate where you should focus your property search in London. A common budget for people moving to the UK capital is somewhere between £2,000 and £3,000 per month. To give you a helping hand, we have researched some of the best boroughs to rent two and three-bed properties within this price bracket.

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Renting in London with a pet

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Whilst finding the right home in London can already be a challenge for incoming expats, it becomes even more difficult if expats come over with a pet (cat or dog). We thought it might be useful to summarise what happens in these circumstances, and what to know before starting a London home search.

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