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Virtual viewings: house hunting from the comfort of your employee’s home

Virtual viewings view from sofa 3

Oceans, borders and a busy schedule are a minor inconvenience when your employees work with us to find their ideal home in London.

Our innovative virtual viewings service allows us to channel our inner Steven Spielberg, and, more importantly, help your employees overcome geographical and time constraints when searching for their new London home.

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The life of a relocation agent in London: behind the scenes


They say, “it’s the journey, not the destination”. When it comes to a relocation, however, we think they’re equally important. Without a well-executed move overseas, assignee’s will struggle to achieve their ultimate goal: settle into their new home as quickly as possible. For Simply London, the notion of adding value to the relocation process isn’t limited to house and school searches; it’s the fine detail that can make all the difference. Our willingness to go above and beyond the call of duty knows no bounds.

Here are a few (fun) examples of our dedication to the cause.

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How to relocate employees with children to London

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Think of your assignees like they’re your children: you’ll do everything in your power to make their relocation a success. So, imagine how important it is to assignees that they prioritise their kids when moving to London. Our top tips for relocating employees with children will help you put their mind at ease.  

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Why a co-living space could be right up your assignee’s street

Mobile millennial

Far from being another millennial fad, like avocado and influencers, co-living is here to stay. Just look at what its cousin, co-working, has done for the modern workplace, by creating an environment which cultivates community chemistry and increased well-being. So, what exactly is co-living? And is this the mobile millennial's perfect place to live these days? We explore the topic...

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Can relocating employees rent in London if they don’t have a visa?

Immigration services

As many assignees have to apply for a visa to relocate to the UK, or are in the process of obtaining one, you will want to know whether they have to wait until their visa has been obtained in order to rent a place in London. 

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Simply London website and brand get a fresh makeover

Simply London General Tagline LogoBG

Simply London pride themselves on streamlining the often-convoluted relocation process for their clients. This appreciation and application of efficiency have inspired the recent rebrand of their website, clours and logo. We are delighted to introduce this makeover, which extends from the aesthetic to the informative.

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Helping a family relocate to London in 5 weeks

Relocation 2

We were recently approached by a family from the US who wanted to relocate to London with their 5-year old daughter within a very short time frame.

The challenge was double: the family could not come over to London ahead of their move to choose their home, and their child was to start school in London 5 weeks after the initial contact with Simply London.

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Neglect relocation-related admin at your peril


Tax, social contributions, budgets and financial reports probably aren’t the first things that spring to mind when you think of a once in a lifetime relocation to London. Instead, this truly world-class city conjures up images of black cabs, red buses, historic architecture, Trafalgar Square, Piccadilly Circus, the River Thames, Wimbledon, royals, pubs, sprawling urban parks, museums and jellied ells – OK, so this East End delicacy might not be quite as appealing.

But there’s much more to a successful relocation than simply arriving in London and taking in the iconic landmarks...

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5 pitfalls assignees should avoid when relocating to London

London from above

Your assignees aren’t just another cog in the corporate wheel. These prize assets are the key to your business unlocking its potential on a global scale, and they need your support to do so. On the one hand, your mobility strategy is giving them a once in a lifetime opportunity to live and work in London; on the other, it’s turning their world upside down. So, now’s the time to put your arm around them, provide some valuable guidance and show you really care.

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How to help assignees choose the right international removal company

Removal company

Relocating to London from overseas isn’t as simple as moving to a new house in the same country – which can be stressful enough at the best of times. For a start, there’s a big body of water called the sea that needs to be crossed; not just by your assignee but by their worldly possessions as well. So, how can you help them successfully manage the logistics, i.e. the detailed organisation and implementation of this complex operation? Simple: by helping them select a reputable international removal company that’s capable of meeting their requirements.

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