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At Simply London, we take pride in our commitment to sustainability as an integral part of our ethos and operations.

We recognise the profound impact our industry can have on the environment and communities. Therefore, we have made it our mission to prioritize sustainability in every aspect of our business.

Even as a completely remote business it would be naïve to assume that this alone makes us sustainable.

So, what DO we do?

The Environment

We are dedicated to minimising our carbon footprint and reducing environmental harm. Through our policies and regular training sessions, specifically focused on working remotely, we strive to minimise energy consumption. From promoting the use of public transport, or even walking, to striving for a completely paperless operation, every decision is made with environmental stewardship in mind.

Our Partners

At Simply London we actively seek partnerships with suppliers and vendors who share our values of sustainability and ethical business practices.

One of our main criteria for choosing our moving partners for example, is that their sustainability targets are in line with our own. And along the same lines, in instances where we may suggest that it is more sustainable not to ship furniture across the world, we partner with furniture rental companies.

Our Community

We believe in giving back to the communities we serve. Through volunteer initiatives and charitable donations, we strive to make a positive impact beyond our business operations.

As founding members of Relocate the Profit we have created a community within our industry of nearly 50 companies that all work together to raise money for The Livingstone Tanzania Trust, which, amongst other things, helps give access to education for under privileged children in the area.

What is next?

At Simply London we appreciate that sustainability is not a destination but a journey of continuous improvement. We are committed to ongoing innovation and adaptation to new technologies and practices that further our environmental goals.

By staying agile, proactive and continuing to keep these goals at the heart if our business, we aim to remain at the forefront of sustainable business practices in our industry.