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Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate responsibility at Simply London


We ensure that all local laws are complied with.

Our staff are trained to approach stakeholders and customers in a respectful and culturally sensitive manner, which is very important in our line of business.

We have formal policies on a number of key areas including diversity, environment, anti-bribery, health and safety, data protection, and whistleblowing.

Charity donations


Simply London is a founding member of Relocate the Profit, an initiative where businesses in the relocation industry come together to help raise funds for charity.

The donations collected are for Livingstone Tanzania Trust, an organisation that works with the communities in Tanzania to help young people reach their full educational potential. They aim to help break the barriers that prevent young people from getting quality education such as hunger, unhygienic toilets, lack of water, teaching staff or learning materials, to mention a few.

More details can be found here.


In April 2023, we have been awarded the Silver Medal by Ecovadis, the world’s most trusted, independent sustainability rating organisation. More detail here.

Some of the things we do for the environment are:

  • We are a digital-only company, meaning we only ever print on paper when we absolutely have to.
  • Our property itineraries are presented to our clients in a digital version which they can browse on their mobile phone and other devices.
  • Accompanied viewings are made using public transport and “good old legs” (i.e. walking!), when suitable for the clients.
  • We only ever use cars when there is no alternative, and when we do, we will favour electric taxis.